Universidad de Concepción & Huinay Seasonal School, Chile, announces the international course: ECOLOGY AND DIVERSITY OF MARINE MICROORGANISMS, ECODIM XI

In this occasion the course will be split into two locations: Marine Biological Station in Dichato (January 8th — 19th) including the sampling on Kay Kay (January 11th), and the foundation San Ignacio del Huinay (January 20th — 29th) in Comau fjord at Huailahué. The scientific program of ECODIM consists of lectures, practical activities, workshops, and the open mini-symposium at Universidad de Concepción (January 13th)

Graduate students are invited to apply (

Grants are available for accepted participants.

Application deadline: November 30th, 2022.

Information and Applications: MSc. Marcela Montoya

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