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Dear Colleagues,
Dear Friends,

We are pleased to invite you to the 4th ECMIS meeting which aims to bring together basic scientists and clinicians in the field of Escherichia coli and the Mucosal Immune System. Step by step science resolves the fascinating bidirectional communication of E. coli with their host, but also the important role of microbiota in steering this communication.

The fast appearance of highly antibiotic resistant E. coli has become a treat and one of the important goals is to use these new insights to develop innovative intervention strategies. During this meeting some of the most recent strategies will be presented.

It is not only the duty of scientist to share their discoveries via articles with the scientific community but it is as important to present them to specialists and discuss them with young scientists. ECMIS 2024 will again become a full of science sparkling program. Besides the invited presentations, there will be selected oral presentations of which several by PhD students.

We are quite sure that the science and the city of Ghent will make this event an unforgettable experience.

Best regards,

Eric Cox,
Sandra Van Puyvelde

 More information on our congress website WWW.ECMIS2024.BE

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