The Michelson Prizes: Next Generation Grants

Dear Scientific Community of Latin America and the Caribbean,
We are pleased to share an exciting funding opportunity for innovative researchers 35 and under. The Michelson Prizes: Next Generation Grants are annual awards of $150,000, which support early-career investigators who are working to significantly advance human immunology and vaccine and immunotherapy research for major global diseases. The Prizes are awarded by the Michelson Medical Research Foundation and the Human Immunome Project – applications are accepted until June 11, 2023. 
Additional info can be found here and in the attached PDF.
About the Prizes: The Next Generation Grants are awarded for research aimed at tackling current roadblocks in human vaccine discovery and expanding our limited understanding of key immune processes that are fundamental to successful vaccine and immunotherapy development.
  • Eligibility: Researchers / scientists age 35 and under.
  • Disciplines: Applicants from the full spectrum of immunology-related disciplines, including clinical research, biochemistry, molecular biology, protein engineering, computer science, artificial intelligence/machine learning, biophysics, environmental health, nanotechnology, etc., are encouraged to apply.  
Deadline:  June 11, 2023
For any questions that may arise, please contact Bonnie Bender at 
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