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MOOC “Resistance to antibacterial agents”

This MOOC provides an overview of the epidemiology of resistant bacteria in different parts of the globe. It reviews classical and current methods for detection of resistance in clinical settings. It deals with the origins and molecular mechanisms of resistance development and dissemination. The course highlights adequate stewardship and finally, discusses next generation alternatives that make use of genome editing and silencing tools.
This MOOC is in English (though occasionally with a French accent ;-)), and it is now open for registration on FUN, a French MOOC platform. 
If you think that this MOOC can be of interest within your institute or for your professional network, we would be happy if you could help us spread the information. I am also attaching a flyer that you could print and/or distribute if that is convenient for you.
where you will also find a short animated teaser.

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