Thank you and the SOMICH executive for providing such strong support for the Microbiologists’ Warning. I have added SOMICH to the list of endorsing organizations with a link to the Society’s homepage.

The Microbiologists’ Warning is intended as vehicle for ALL microbiologists to motivate change in many and varied ways. Perhaps you would like to include a link to the Microbiologists’ Warning or provide coverage about the Consensus Statement on the website, or inform members via your newsletter. Aspects you may like to promote to amplify the message include:

  • Alert members to becoming a signatory endorsing the Microbiologists’ Warning. Endorsing as an individual is straight forward: click on the signatory site link, add minimal personal details and submit.
  • Inform members they may promote via email, TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
  • Coordinate the writing of articles that focus on issues of specific relevance to MMT community in the context of climate change and viruses.
  • For conferences, teaching and outreach purposes a powerpoint presentation can be accessed via two shared dropbox links (core & details) – it is available for anyone wishing to make presentations about the Microbiologists’ Warning.
  • Consider writing a translation: to date translations are available in Chinese, Turkish, French and Portuguese, and are being written in Russian.

Best wishes and thank you again for being very supportive and helping to motivate this initiative.