Postdoctoral position in: Immune response to Hantavirus Infection

Concurso Postdoctorado UDD 2020.
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Our group is looking for a postdoc with a PhD in immune response and knowledge in flow cytometry, statistical analysis, and basic cellular and molecular biology methods. His/her work will be to develop, run and analyze flow cytometry panels, to study immune response to Andes hantavirus infection and compare responses between patients. This will be done within the framework of 2 Fondecyt projects and a Redes project that will allow the postdoc to go to our collabrator´s laboratory at the Karolinska Institute, to learn some specific flow cytometry pannels. The postulant will be expected to collaborate with health professionals, technical staff and investigators of the Programa Hantavirus along Chile.

Andes hantavirus infections causes Hantavirus cardiopulmonary syndrome (HCPS), which is characterized by thrombocytopenia and capillary leak. Host-related immune mechanisms rather than direct viral cytopathology are postulated to be responsible for the principal manifestations of the disease. We aim to describe the immune response of hantavirus patients and to compare this immune response between mild and severe HCPS patients.

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