Dr. L. Bermúdez is a senior researcher at Micalis institute which is a “joint research unit” associating INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research) and AgroParisTech with the aims of developing innovative research in the field of Food and Gut Microbiology for human Health. His research is mainly focused on the therapeutic uses of recombinant lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and probiotics to modulate the host immune response at mucosal surfaces. He is among the first world leaders in the field of use of these live vectors for the development of new mucosal vaccines. He has a strong expertise on Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Vaccinology and Animal models. He has also succeeded to obtain grants from the French Ministry of Research, the French Cancer Research Association (ARC) and the European FP6 project: Pathogen Combat, and he has been recognized with several awards. He has published 92 articles in journals with international peer review and has 6 patents.