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2018 q-bio Summer School

Campuses on the Gulf Coast and in the American Southwest

The Twelfth Annual q-bio Summer School will be held June 10-25, 2018 at two locations: Rice University, Houston, TX and the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM.

To apply, please visit the application web site:
Applications are due March 9, 2018.

School Overview: The q-bio Summer School is an annual event intended to advance predictive modeling of cellular regulatory systems by exposing participants to a survey of work in quantitative biology and by providing in depth instruction in selected techniques, with an emphasis on techniques useful for modeling cellular regulatory networks, although data analysis techniques and experimental methods will also be covered. Students will each work on mentored projects and will have opportunities to present a talk and a poster about their work and receive feedback on their presentation skills. Participants will attend daily core lectures, chalk talks, journal clubs, expert panel discussions, and hands-on computer labs. (Bring your own laptop.) The summer school is designed for graduate students, postdocs, or anyone with a quantitative background who is new to modeling cellular regulatory systems/networks. Students attending the school are strongly encouraged to also attend the affiliated q-bio Conference, which will take place at Rice University from June 26 to 29. Separate registration is required for the school and conference.

Courses: In 2018, there will be two campuses: the Gulf Coast campus (at Rice University) and the Southwest campus (at University of New Mexico). The courses offered at the two campuses are as follows:

  • Cancer Dynamics (Gulf Coast campus)
  • Stochastic Cell Regulation (Gulf Coast campus)
  • Cell Signaling and Rule-Based Modeling (Southwest campus)
  • Membrane Biology and Quantitative Microscopy (Southwest campus) – includes experimental labs in super resolution imaging and single-particle tracking

The course leaders are Drs. Marek Kimmel (Rice University), Tomasz Lipniacki (Polish Academy of Sciences), William S. Hlavacek (Los Alamos National Laboratory) and Mara P. Steinkamp (University of New Mexico School of Medicine), respectively. Faculty will include leading experts from around the world.

Tuition and fees: $500 tuition, $1,500 for meals and lodging (at either campus). Financial assistance is available – apply at the application web site.

For inquiries about the summer school, please contact:
For more information, please visit the school website at:

Sponsors: Los Alamos Center for Nonlinear Studies (CNLS), New Mexico Consortium (NMC), the New Mexico Spatiotemporal Modeling Center (STMC), Rice University, National Science Foundation (NSF), Colorado State University

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